I Said I Would Never Do This...


Thanks for stopping by and reading a bit of my story

Here’s to hoping we can learn a little about each other, and bring joy to this small corner of the Internet

So I may have changed my mind about the whole blog writing thing.

When I started this business, I didn’t believe I had any value to offer because of my lack of knowledge and experience in the small business creative quilting industry.

Not long ago, while speaking with my sister in law, discussing business, social media, and our frustrations and struggles, I expressed this feeling of inadequacy. She immediately and sweetly corrected me, saying that I may not be the expert quilter who can provide tons of tutorial content at the moment, but that I am an expert in my experiences, in my business, in my motherhood, in my marriage and in my situations. She expressed that there is value in my perspective and truth is we have that same value that could really impact another.

We all have unique and different perspectives with distinct situations and outlooks. I’m mostly writing this blog to challenge myself, to improve my writing skills, and to document the things I love, am learning, and have created. And I hope through the process, that this could add just a bit of value to you, and a bit of fun, creativity, and joy to this small corner of the internet.

So here it goes, my attempt to give a little look into my head, my experiences, and my insight. I plan on blogging about all things I am passionate about, from my experiences starting a small business, motherhood, faith, fabric, and more.

I have come to understand that writing isn’t about saying something brand new as much as it’s about bravely sharing your story such that it will resonate and inspire her to rethink her own.
— Jessica Honegger, Imperfect Courage

Some things I promise you will never see on this blog…

  • fashion tips

  • skin care routine

  • makeup tutorial

  • hair tutorial

  • recipes and cooking tips

Some things that may make an appearance

  • my love of sushi

  • how my faith shapes my business

  • writing my first quilt pattern

  • favorite fabric designers

  • parenting fails

  • my passion for sweatpants